Waking the Witch (Book Review)

Part memoir, part exploration of the witch archetype, Waking the Witch is not your typical witchcraft book, which is to say it won’t teach you how to do anything. That’s not what it’s trying to do, so it isn’t a failing of the book. Rather, it’s a series of long essays on how witches have […]

Kitchen Table Tarot (Book Review)

I got my first tarot deck on New Year’s Day 1999. I don’t want to name the book that I bought to go with it, but it was boring and took itself Very Seriously. It insisted that I would need to be disciplined and that I’d have to study the tarot thoroughly and systematically like […]

Dark Wood Tarot (Deck Review)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tarot book and deck as beautiful as the Dark Wood Tarot. The last few years, Llewellyn has been printing the companion books in full color but this is the first one I’ve opened that has full page illustrations of the art rather than reproductions of the cards. This […]

ViceVersa Tarot (deck review)

The ViceVersa Tarot is unique in that the cards have no backs. Or, rather, instead of having an image that’s the same on the back of every card, each card has an image on its reverse side that is the reverse of the image on its face. In some cards the back looks like a […]

Pagan Tarot, new edition (Deck Review)

The first edition of the Pagan Tarot by Gina M. Pace came out in 2005. I had that deck but didn’t have the book. This edition is from 2019 and is sold in a box set with a full-color book. The illustrations of the major arcana are larger than the cards themselves, which makes them […]

Everyday Witch Oracle (Review)

I have been using the Everyday Witch Tarot for a few years and I honestly think the Everyday Witch Oracle is even better. The cards are larger, the people depicted are more diverse, and the art style is just as colorful and cheerfully appealing. What the deck reminds me of most strongly is a reimagined […]

Me and White Supremacy (Book Review)

I’ve been doing art for the last two or three years, enrolling in classes on how to draw and paint faces. Let’s talk about white privilege in art classes. First of all, in 2020 there are still paint colors called things like “flesh.” Other names include nude or buff. They match my skin tone. If […]

White Fragility (Book Review)

During the 2016 election, I was standing in a long line of voters waiting our turn, and a white woman in her late 50s took the opportunity to address the captive audience with her spiel that went something like this, “In my day, there was no such thing as racism. Obama invented racism. Nowadays everybody […]

Revolutionary Witchcraft (Book Review)

Revolutionary Witchcraft by Sarah Lyons is a book that I picked up, intending to flip through briefly and ended up reading in one sitting. It differs from the books I covered in 3 Books for the Magical Activist because it focuses less on magic and spells (those are mostly in the appendix) and more on […]

Everyday Witch Tarot Mini (Deck Review)

I’ve had the Everyday Witch Tarot for a few years and I’ve always found it charming and friendly. It comes in a box set with a full-color book engagingly written by Deborah Blake. Now it comes in a mini version, which I assumed would be something like the size of a standard playing card. I […]


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